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Lifestyle, health, and beauty while finding inspiration at every turn

I am a digital content creator living with fibromyalgia who had to move to a non-toxic, clean lifestyle within my body and home. The challenges of my health, my curls, building a home, and growing a family lead me to create content that is centered on sharing the knowledge I've gained and the life that I live with those who need inspiration or guidance through the many obstacles of life.


My mission is to help women navigate a clean and healthy lifestyle that includes food, hair, and skin, as well as sharing tips, reviewing products, and sharing the knowledge I've gained in a life filled with growth, health issues, and all of life's difficulties. When I’m not working, you can find me outside watching our house being built or homesteading with my family of four.

I’ve partnered with brands, including Sprigs Life, Monat, Innate, Sojos, Lifx, PYM, and more. I create sponsored posts, reels, and videos and am open to ambassadorships, events, and more. Rates vary depending on the scope of work; please feel free to reach out to me with all budget levels. Email me at to learn more or request a media kit.

I became a full-time content creator in August 2022 for both The Curly Girl Creative and Olive & Co. Boston Terriers. I have previously worked as a Social Media Specialist and Content Creator for several holistic doctors and chiropractors, as well as vendors throughout the wedding industry.



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