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I'm Rachel


I am a big city Florida Photographer, Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist and educator with big dreams and a whole lot of passion. Obsessed with white powdered doughnuts, puppies and hair products, I've been keepin' real since 1987.

hey there!

In fact, after a not-so-great first marriage, I found myself back at my parents' house with a 3-year-old and no direction. With some help from my baby brother, I bought a camera and went after the impossible. Now for over a decade, I continue imperfectly building the business of my dreams. I understand the hardships of starting from nothing and I am here to show you how to navigate entrepreneurship hand in hand.


I wasn't always here. I didn't always have this business, the clients, the sales...

Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear ALL the hats. You have to be the marketer, the graphic designer, the accountant, and the list goes on. I understand deeply what it means to be up endless hours trying to do it all with no results. Together lets alleviate some of the stress. We'll build a brand that attracts on social media platforms then converts to your website to create sales. Let's empower you and the voice you already have.


I educate and empower entrepreneurs who need to build their brand from the ground up

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