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simply passengers

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

This photo gives me the kind of feeling that authors write novels about. I can see it now; As the wind flurried through her long black hair and the horses stare untroubled, the sound of peace encompassed her. I feel like I am there again enjoying the sights and sounds.

This past weekend I joined The Pentecostals of Largo on a youth trip to the Bridle Creek Stables. The property was beautiful, the owners kind and giving and the "staff" was such a pleasure to work with. The kids (and adults) enjoyed learning about the farm and its horses. They allowed us all a chance to ride the horses. But as simply passengers, you learn quickly, you're not in control. But instead are at the mercy of, in this case, a horse. Not having control doesn't come easily to me or to anyone for that matter. In it's own way it was a life lesson and freeing moment. We hope to visit again soon!

Check out the album in my portfolio titled "Simply passengers".

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