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5 tips to give you frizz free hair

5 tips to give you frizz free hair! Here it is. Yesterday we talked about 9 things you could be doing that are causing your hair to frizz. Today I’m giving you 5 things you can do to help give you frizz free hair!

🔸fine hair hairspray is often enough (again making sure it doesn’t contain alcohol or sulfates)

🔸for wavy or curly hair adding a creme or mousse for moisture and definition

🔸for wavy or curly hair apply products while hair is still wet

🔸using a leave in conditioner to cover each strand with moisture

🔸apply a quality oil to the scalp on the night before wash day

There are so many more to cover. But these are some basic techniques to get you started. I will be getting into the importance of the oil you select soon.

The best thing about all of this? I’ve already discovered the secret to frizz free hair starting with these key principles and specific product for your hair. I want to help you end the battle of the frizz.

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