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A surprise you weren't expecting from me!

Can you keep a secret? I hope so because I can no longer contain my excitement… something AWESOME is happening tomorrow!

But first let me tell you a story...

August of last year I hit 180 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been. I was depressed and in a very dark place. So I decided to do one small thing, start intermittent fasting with a 16:8 fasting plan. Little did I know that would change my entire life.

I didn't weigh myself again until January of this year. And to my surprise I had last 20 pounds and never realized it!

That weigh in day I decided to completely clean my diet, start drinking at least 90oz of water daily and hit up the gym. I started researching, reading and understanding my ingredient labels. I cut out fast food, processed food and 90% of my sugar intake from things like juice, simple carbs, sweets, white breads, etc...

My mood changed, my health changed, the fibromyalgia that torments my aging body changed, my energy changed, my depression disappeared! When I say food is medicine I'm NOT exaggerating.

Boy mom family of four

Credit: Samantha Hayn Photography

During this time I started getting an urge to extend our family from a family of 4 to a family of 5. It's something that I had been questioning for nearly 4 years. With no self confidence, I doubted myself and my abilities, as I felt I was not a good enough mother to be gifted another baby.

So I kept it to myself, especially because we are in this transition of big changes with selling and building our new home and our two businesses all keeping me insanely busy. But God already had a plan. So I continued losing weight and working out.

About a month ago, from no where, my husband tells me to eliminate the fourth bedroom in our floor plans that was set up to be a playroom/guest room/possible baby room.

Because I had not made a decision in 4 years he figured I wasn't going to decide now either. Little did he know I already had it on my mind. So eliminating the possibility frazzled me. Without warning, I shouted "no, you can't do that" he of course looked at me and asked "why not?" I said "because I am finally ready!"

So here we are a few weeks later and the research for a healthy pre pregnancy has begun! So tomorrow, with my family's blessing, I am removing my copper IUD and starting a conception support pack from Perelel to make sure my body is right and ready before we start intentionally trying for baby number 3! These conception support packs, that I am overly excited about, will help me prep my body for pregnancy and the nutritional demands it will have on me in the coming months.

I truly can't wait to take you on this journey with my family and I as we build our new home, live and eat clean and try for baby number 3! If you can relate or have suggestions, comment below.



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