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My 6 top-rated Netflix "Hallmark" Christmas movies 2019

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Here is my top rated Netflix “Hallmark “ Christmas movie list. Because this is all you can do when you’re dying from Herpangina...

Yes you heard that right, it doesn’t even sound right, right? Herpangina (HER-PAN-GINA) is a common childhood illness, but adults who never had it as a child can still contract it. It’s a viral infection similar to hand, foot and mouth. Both are caused by enteroviruses.

My son picked it up at an undisclosed home over the thanksgiving holiday. His temp went from normal to 105 in less than an hour Sunday morning. Between the white spots on the back of his throat and quick on set high fever, I was positive it was classic signs of strep. So we took him into the doc to get him an antibiotic, unfortunately I was very wrong.

I was the last to get hit, baby boy is feeling better finally, my husband is also feeling better. My eldest son and I got it Friday. But he felt the symptoms before I did. And I have felt it differently than everyone else because I have fibromyalgia. So I also feel like I have been run over by a few 18 wheelers on top of all the already awful symptoms. It’s been fun.

So what do you do when you’re down and it’s Christmas season? You binge watch Christmas RomCom with the man that came over to help us out, my dad.

Sadly, I don’t have the real stuff (hallmark channel) so I watched all that Netflix had to offer. Here they are, rated from absurd, to a must see. Here you go!

🔸Merry Happy Whatever - it started out amazing. It was funny and seemed to have potential but this Netflix series was a complete flop. They had a PC list that they checked off as the wrote the script. To the point where some things just didn’t clearly belong.

🔸Christmas Wedding Planner - the worst and most disappointing romcom I saw, it’s actually not new this year it was from 2017. But it was so bad I had to add it onto my list. It was horribly written and performed. No connection is ever felt to the characters throughout the movie. The ending was uncalled for and forced.

🔸A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish - this one wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen because I did still manage to shed a tear but the fact that it was another Cinderella story made me almost upset with the main character and what she allowed.

🔸Christmas with a view - loved this one but it was a little choppy and I felt the actress didn’t have enough life and emotion as she should have except when it was time to overreact to any little thing the poor guy had to say.

🔸The Knight before Christmas - classic Romcom. I loved it! Don’t want to give any unnecessary details 😉 just know Vanessa Hudgens did a phenomenal job.

🔸Holiday Rush - my number one this year, this movie was so well put together. It wasn’t rushed, it’s timeline made sense and there was no unrealistic proposal although they could have easily put that in there. I’ll definitely watch this again next year.

✨What has been your favorite Christmas Romcom this season? Recommend me some more to watch, I’m still sick!

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